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With the widespread use and adoption of open source software across industries, the need to have visibility into what is in your code is more important than ever. Do you have an open source usage policy? Can you easily disclose all open source software (OSS) and third party content used in your software?

Third party content accounts for 50-90% of codebase, but most organizations only know about 10% of what is actually used. Although using multiple resources for code can speed development and time to market, it makes identification of unknown software components difficult and increases security vulnerability risks and potential IP violations. You need to be able to reduce the risk associated with the widespread use of unknown and undocumented open source software and other third-party content within your software applications.

Join Jeff Luszcz, VP of Product Management for Flexera, for a state of open source review for 2016. Jeff will discuss the compliance and vulnerability events and trends impacting software producers and enterprises using open source software, and share insights from Flexera’s Professional Services auditing team for the past year.

Webinar: The State of Open Source Software – 2016 Year in Review

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Thursday, 2nd February – 11:00 am CT (United States)
Monday, 6th February – 10:00 am (Sydney, Australia)
Tuesday, 7th February – 10:00 am (United Kingdom)

Key topics will include:

  • How has the software supply chain landscape changed over the last year?
  • Are organizations more or less aware of the OSS they’re using?
  • What are the impacts of broader OSS adoption?
  • What lessons have we learned from last year’s OSS vulnerabilities?
  • What can organizations do to improve their processes in and around OSS usage?

About the Speaker:

Jeff_luszczJeff Luszcz is a Vice President of Product Management at Flexera, the leading provider of next-generation software licensing, compliance, security and installation solutions for application producers and enterprises. Prior to Flexera, Jeff was the Founder and CTO of Palamida, a leading provider of open source discovery and vulnerability management tools. Since 2004, he has helped hundreds of software companies understand how to best use open source while complying with their license obligations and keeping on top of security issues. He leads the professional services team responsible for open source compliance and security audits. His team has performed reviews for some of the largest mergers and acquisitions in the technology industry. Before Palamida, he spent six years as a software engineer at NASA Ames Research Center where he implemented software for simulation and visualization of flat panel display technology and their related human factors. Throughout his career, he has been active in the Java, Macintosh and Open Source software communities. Jeff is also the author of several well-known Macintosh software utilities and has served as a technical editor for Wrox Press. He received his B.S. from Cornell University School of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering.

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