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Image: Is Your OSS Strategy Crying for Help?

Perhaps it is, but you’re completely unaware.

You’ve probably heard the catchy line from Capital One Financial, “What’s in your wallet?” Have you asked yourself lately, “What’s in your code?”

More than 50% of applications today use Open Source Software. Use is on the rise. With this increase, isn’t it also fair to say security and vulnerability risks also go up? It’s even more dangerous if you really aren’t sure as an organization how you’re utilizing OSS, where it’s being used, and your overall strategy for open source software management in application development.

Perfect scenario is a tool that enables you to assess your maturity relative to current processes for managing OSS and benchmark where you are at against peers.

Revenera has determined there are four levels of maturity and has provided the various characteristics of companies who, based on a proper assessment, find themselves at a particular level.

From level 1 “Reactive” to level 4 “Optimized” the model gives leaders, developers, and security professionals the necessary background on what it means to be at a certain level of maturity and the necessary actions to jump ahead.

Pass or fail isn’t the goal here. The finish line is both knowledge of your current process gaps and the steps needed to gain maturity in building applications that are secure and compliant while protecting your work.

Downside? Not thinking there is one.

Check out this quick three-minute assessment of where you’re currently at in your journey. Learn more about the specific holes in your OSS management strategy and actionable next steps to cover yourself. For additional information, read the “Software Composition Analysis Maturity Model” eBook and strengthen your ability to get applications safely out the door and help eliminate the possibility of costly security threats.