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Image: Code Analysis Trends and A Holiday Wish

It’s been a great year at Flexera, and I’m hoping my readers, too, prospered and experienced their own versions of success in 2019. I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent on my blog, delivering my views to all valued members of the open source community. Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is thriving; yes at Flexera, but also as a technology that is impacting companies across the globe and how they manage open source software, provide transparency across teams, and enable more innovation because license, IP and security risk protocols are in place. There’s peace of mind.

And that’s what everyone wants as 2019 rolls into a new year.

2020 is bound to be another year that brings unprecedented stories and trends related to code analysis. Trends like:

  • Increased levels of sophistication in both license compliance and security
  • The need for more pronounced levels of developer education to support the growing need for open source management resources
  • More developer and engineering time spent on review and remediation of vulnerabilities
  • More interest in proactive issue disclosures, automated discovery, and risk-based targeted analysis
  • Open adoption of multi-vendor solutions to support SCA needs

I’m looking forward to 2020 while stopping to reflect on the past year. It’s my greatest pleasure to wish you happy holidays and a successful 2020.

I’d like to hear from you.

What’s your trend meter say about open source technologies in 2020?

What are you the most excited about?