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Image: Challenge Accepted at BlackHat 2019. Join Us.

Take your open source license compliance and security to the next level. Accept the challenge to make this a priority now.

Security is certainly among your top priorities, and it takes many forms – information, assets, people, intellectual property, etc. In the bucket of what needs attention is managing risk associated with the use of open source. Equally important is license compliance related to the software you’re using.

Open source is free. Is it really? It’s free to use, but like anything that potentially comes free, there are responsibilities and cautionary tales.

We’re accepting the challenge to prove to you why Flexera offers the best open source scanning solution in the industry. Join us at BlackHat USA 2019 in Las Vegas, August 3 – 8, booth #800 and learn why Flexera is the vendor of choice for both open source license compliance and security risk management.

Take a few minutes to drop by the booth, talk to our experts, and learn how to never miss evidence of open source.

Interested in a free scanning tool? Take a test run with FlexNet Code Aware. Learn more here and download to see what you are missing in your open source code.