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Revenera Continues to Grow and Moves to Subscription Pricing

The provider of Software Monetization, Composition Analysis, and InstallShield continues to grow and will complete the move to subscription models by December 31, 2021.

Itasca, IL - October 12, 2021 Revenera, producer of leading solutions that help technology companies build better products, accelerate time to value and monetize what matters, today announced that all new sales of its solutions will be on a subscription model, effectively completing its move to subscription by December 31, 2021. 

“Revenera continues lead in the monetization, software composition analysis and installation markets, in part because we spend so much time and energy listening to our customers and continuously delivering value. The software industry is adopting subscription broadly, and it is more aligned with our customer-centric business philosophy,” said Brent Pietrzak, SVP and General Manager of Revenera.

Industry-Wide Move to Subscription

The Revenera Monetization Monitor: Software Monetization Models and Strategies 2021 found that although many organizations benefit from a mix of subscription, usage, and perpetual models today, more than half (53%) of all software companies plan to move to subscription/term software monetization models by 2023. In keeping with the strong software industry trend, Revenera will complete the transition to subscription by the end of this year for new sales but continue to allow maintenance renewals for existing customers.

“Not only is subscription the standard in the software industry, it also aligns with how buyers budget for software purchases,” said Nicole Segerer, VP of Product Management and Marketing at Revenera. “Revenera’s move to subscription goes hand-in-hand with our ongoing focus on customer success and close alignment with our customer base on market trends and continuous innovation.”

What Revenera Customers Need to Know

Revenera has made a very moderate move to subscription in recent years, with most product lines already on a subscription model. Customers that purchased perpetual licenses will be offered financially attractive plans when moving to subscription for new product purchases, and may be able to get expanded product access. Existing perpetual license customers can continue to renew their existing maintenance contracts, without pressure to change to subscription.

Revenera Growth and Category Leadership

Since the May 2020 rebranding of Flexera Software into two divisions—Flexera and Revenera—Revenera has experienced strong and stable success, driven by organic growth and a 2020 acquisition that added Software Usage Analytics to Revenera’s portfolio.

Revenera is frequently highlighted as a leader by leading analyst firms and media. For example:

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Revenera helps product executives build better products, accelerate time to value and monetize what matters. Revenera's leading solutions help software and technology companies drive top line revenue with modern software monetization, understand usage and compliance with software usage analytics, empower the use of open source with software composition analysis and deliver an excellent user experience—for embedded, on-premises, cloud and SaaS products. To learn more, visit

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