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Software Composition Analysis

Automated, Continuous License Compliance and Risk Management

Software Composition Analysis from Revenera helps you manage your open source license compliance and risk obligations. Code Insight scans your applications’ source code, builds an accurate Software Bill of Materials (SBoM), and issues vulnerability alerts for fast review and remediation.

Protect your IP and avoid legal risks from open source software security vulnerabilities and license compliance issues.

Automate Open Source Risk Management

Stay in control. Manage risk and get alerts to new vulnerabilities. Continuously track open source use and get a complete, accurate inventory of what’s in your code.

What We Deliver

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Open Source Vulnerability Management

Track, manage and secure your code

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Open Source License Compliance

Manage license compliance risk

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Open Source Audits

Software audits with our expert teams

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Organizations are aware of less than 10% of their open source use


Revenera Can Help You:

  1. Track, manage and secure your code
  2. Identify open source vulnerabilities
  3. Manage open source license compliance risk
  4. Get software audits with our expert team
Revenera Professional Services Audit Data 2012-2018

Revenera’s audit team reacted within hours when a critical contribution to an open source community required quick turn around on a forensic code scan of a large collection of micro service code. Adding to the complexity, due to budgetary constraints, we required a relatively strong estimate before the work could begin. Revenera met the deadline and budget estimate which allowed us to meet ours! Great work!

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Resources & Research

Research Report

2021 Open Source License Compliance Report

In this report, Revenera compiled license compliance and vulnerability data from 2020 audit services projects to create a snap shot of the state of open source compliance in the industry today.

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Software Composition Analysis Maturity Model

Identify gaps and improve your management of open source software with the Revenera maturity model framework.

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How to close the avoidance and remediation gap in Open Source Compliance

Join Alex Rybak, Revenera and Matias Madou, Secure Code Warrior to discuss why closing this gap is important to help engineering teams and their leaders better understand the impact of open source software on an organization’s ability to create and deliver risk-free solutions.

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Ready to take control of your Open Source vulnerability risks?

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