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If you want a successful compliance program that will generate top-line revenue for your company, collecting infringement data is not enough. Detecting and reporting on the unlicensed use of your software is just the first step in taking a proactive compliance approach, but you also need a process to transform that infringement data to make it more actionable and identify the best opportunities for settlements and conversion.

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Enhance Your Infringement Data

Flexera’s unique Data Optimizer blends our proprietary technology with an expert team of data analysts. It drives the quick conversion of infringement data from your software into fully resolved organizational identities, and enables you to accelerate the qualification and settlement of compliance opportunities. By leveraging our federated database of hundreds of millions of installations, we can match and deliver the details you need to initiate outreach with an infringing organization right away.

Accelerate Your Compliance Settlements

Instead of requiring software vendors to manually research and match infringement data to organizations, Data Optimizer augments your product infringement data with our exclusive database of millions of organizations.

  • APIs automatically match unauthorized use to the actual infringing organizations.
  • High match rates yield highly qualified, accurate leads, and give you the confidence to pursue non-compliant organizations and over-users.
  • Our team of infringement data analysts works hand-in-hand with customers to optimize their compliance program.

From piracy identification to the surfacing of the most lucrative opportunities, Flexera solutions and services ensure your internal team or outsourced compliance partner are successful. As a trusted vendor installed in over 1,000 applications, Flexera has helped our customers generate nearly $2 billion dollars in license revenue by converting unpaid users into paying customers.

Learn how Data Optimizer is driving that success, and see trends and statistics from 2016 in our upcoming webinar, “Show Me the Data! 2016 Software Piracy and License Compliance Stats and Trends.”