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Image: Automation is King. Good News for Software Development Teams

When most of us want to leave 2020 behind as a year of unquestionable struggle, we can’t ignore the impact it’s had, specifically on the need for organizations to step up their efforts to meet changing digital transformation requirements.

We’ve been talking about it for a while. You may think it’s not a new topic, but in a way, it is—because the world changed. According to the Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey 2020, 47% of CIO’s said the COVID-19 pandemic has permanently accelerated digital transformation.

Now more than ever there’s increased emphasis on automation. This is good news for software engineers who are expected to both do and accomplish more at the same time roles are expanding to include security and compliance management, improving the customer experience, microservices deployment, lowering costs, and increasing services efficiencies, to name a few. According to IDC in a Market Analysis Perspective, organizations will simplify the development experience and empower developers to spend more time writing code by automating processes around those “other” tasks.

Revenera is proud to partner with Wind River® as they introduce their latest release of Wind River Studio which delivers transformational automation technology. Wind River Studio is a cloud native platform for the development, deployment, operations, and servicing of mission-critical intelligent systems from devices to the cloud. This newest release meets users at the time of need by providing enhanced automation capabilities to help drive velocity for software teams building connected intelligent systems. The platform offers customizable automation pipelines and integration with commonly used automation tools—continuing to recognize that automation is king in this new environment we find ourselves living and working in.

Revenera supports Wind River Studio by providing a Software Composition Analysis (SCA) solution—Code Insight. Risk is, unfortunately, everywhere, and sometimes it lays in wait in open source components in the way of license compliance and security vulnerabilities. Companies need a tool to scan application source code, build an accurate Software Bill of Materials (SBoM), and issue vulnerability alerts for fast review and remediation.

Once again, automation takes the stage front and center. Code Insight is an automated, continuous solution for managing license compliance and security risk. Users stay in control of what’s in their code while managing the growing and complex risks inherent in the software supply chain.

Automation is imperative to support a secure software development lifecycle in addition to helping companies navigate digital transformation and a mountain of technical debt as a result of the pandemic. In a FutureScape Report, IDC notes that 70 percent of CIOs say that coping with technical debt as a result of the pandemic could cast a shadow well into 2023. Key to minimizing the burden caused by tech debt? Key to securing the SDLC? You guessed it—automation.

Automating functions in software development frees up developers to focus on what they do best—writing code and innovating to deliver high-value, secure solutions to users faster.

With a focus on automation, Revenera and Wind River are leading the way in helping organizations to manage digital transformation quickly, securely, and reliably.