FlexNet Licensing Prototype Service

Get a Head Start on the Licensing Portion of Software Development with FlexNet Licensing Prototype Service

Revenera’s FlexNet Licensing (composed of FlexNet Publisher and FlexNet Embedded) makes it easy for software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers to monetize, secure, enhance and grow market share through the flexible pricing, packaging, and licensing of applications, intelligent devices or equipment using embedded software. FlexNet Licensing also gives organizations the power to protect IP and rein in unauthorized software use to prevent revenue loss.

When an organization adopts FlexNet Licensing technology, project timelines can be significantly shortened by having an experienced guide. The typical software vendor or intelligent device manufacturer is not a licensing subject-matter expert. Because of this, it is easy to let the licensing portion of a development project slide to the back burner. When that happens, knowledge and momentum are lost. When licensing requirements are finally addressed, time or resources may no longer be available and the quality of the licensing solution could be impacted. Getting professional assistance from the beginning can provide a jump-start to help ensure best practices are followed when implementing a licensing solution.

Revenera Global Consulting Services has extensive experience helping organizations successfully implement software licensing solutions. The FlexNet Licensing Prototype workshop assists organizations in developing a prototype licensing implementation based on their license policy.


FlexNet Licensing Prototype benefits software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers by:

  • Getting a solid head start on the licensing portion of software development
  • Reducing learning curve time for developers
  • Reducing the amount of time spent on licensing for a project
  • Avoiding some common scenarios that delay or derail the addition of licensing into a software project


FlexNet Licensing Prototype is delivered by one Revenera consultant in a two- to four- day workshop. The workshop typically involves one to four software developers. Typical topic flow is as follows:

  • Discuss the licensing policies established by the vendor
  • Identify the required functionality to support the licensing policies
  • Design the basic interface and required fields to support the functionality
  • Implement a straw-man prototype that conforms to the agreed-upon licensing policies

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