Software companies and intelligent device manufacturers often have homegrown entitlement management solutions that are difficult to maintain, and do not meet the needs and requirements of today's dynamic environment.

The introduction of new entitlement management technology can be difficult. At most organizations, product teams are typically staffed only to the point of producing core functionality and not for building back-office integration systems. The typical software vendor or intelligent device manufacturer is not a subject-matter expert on entitlement management, especially when integrating with existing CRM and ERP systems. As such, it is easy to overlook critical factors when designing new solutions.

Revenera Global Consulting Services has extensive experience helping organizations introduce and implement new systems. The Entitlement Hub Build, Test and Deploy engagement assists software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers with the design, implementation and integration of their entitlement management solutions.


The entitlement hub is a business-oriented architecture that combines business process management and service-oriented architecture principles. Operational systems and master data sources such as CRM, ERP, MRP, LDAP, PLM, manufacturing, external portals and entitlement management are connected by standard data-contract based interfaces, and the overall system behavior is orchestrated by programmable business policy. The result is a highly scalable and extensible business process platform to meet the challenge of change due to mergers and acquisitions, and the introduction of new product, license and business models.


The engagement is delivered by two Revenera Consultants in five or more work streams. Whenever possible, work streams are executed in parallel.

  • Work Stream I: Series of design workshops that will provide guidance and define the entitlement hub technical strategy. This typically includes:
  • Work Stream II: Build the order manager within the entitlement hub
  • Work Stream III: Order management integration with middleware/ERP
  • Work Stream IV: System testing support
  • Work Stream V: Go-live and post go-live support

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