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The Bill of Materials (BOM)

Easily and Quickly Build an Accurate Open Source Inventory

Intelligence at your fingertips is essential to successful software development and application security. Are you able to produce a precise open source inventory report of what’s in your code? Does that include all subcomponents, hidden dependencies, and associated licenses?

Producing a comprehensive Bill of Materials is perhaps one of the most important actions for development teams. You can use it to modify open source policies and quickly react to published vulnerabilities. A BOM lets you know exactly what’s in your code.


At any given time your CEO, board of directors, legal counsel, or third-party such as a customer or strategic partner can inquire about what’s in your products and what is being shipping to customers. How quickly can you get your hands on that list?

FlexNet Code Insight automates much of the discovery of OSS, but more importantly we provide the evidence to find and report all the open source components used by your developers, even if those components have been heavily modified.

Example of a Bill of Materials produced using FlexNet Code InsightExample of a Bill of Materials produced using FlexNet Code Insight


  • Eliminate time-intensive manual efforts that take developers away from critical development cycles
  • End-to-end visibility allows you to stay in control of your open source use
  • Keep buyers and customers up-to-date on what code exists in what they’re buying
  • Roll out patches and bug fixes in a timely manner
  • Stay 100% prepared for any software audits
  • Efficiently track the open source through the supply chain
  • Create absolute transparency and control
  • Rapid insight to action when new vulnerabilities are announced

FlexNet Code Insight — Intelligence meets simplicity.

Balance Business Benefits with the Right Amount of Risk Management.

According to Gartner, by 2024, the provision of a detailed, regularly updated software bill of materials by software vendors will be a non-negotiable requirement for at least half of enterprise software buyers.




FlexNet Code Insight

An end-to-end integrated scanning tool for development, legal and security teams to set and manage policy for use of open source and third-party software.

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Creating Trust in the Software Supply Chain

Open source software license compliance and vulnerability management trends are taking us down the path of enhanced clarity and tighter controls. The place to start in the software supply chain is with the open source Bill of Materials (BOM).

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Case Study

Open Source Security and Compliance

In some circles it’s called “drinking your own water.” Read how Revenera uses FlexNet Code Insight to manage open source risk and applies a “Get Clean, Stay Clean” approach to Software Composition Analysis.

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