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Image: How to “Mine the Gap” and Augment License Compliance

Did you miss the IBSMA Compliance Manager Summit this March and the opportunity to hear Vic DeMarines discuss how software usage analytics are being used to drive license compliance programs and gain insight into prospect and customer needs? Good news! Vic will be presenting “Mine the Gap — Augmenting Compliance with Product Usage Analytics” this Thursday, April 27.

Product usage analytics is not only enabling software vendors to identify infringing users but to gain deeper insight into prospect and customer needs. By augmenting compliance with product usage intelligence, they are addressing software piracy and overuse in a way that goes beyond auditing, driving more meaningful discussions and mutually beneficial relationships.

One of the interesting points Vic will focus on is the tension between shelfware and software piracy. Comparing data from 1E’s Software Usage and Waste Report to data from a BitTorrent tracker site, he’ll discuss how one particular application seemingly has a high rate of waste while simultaneously being extremely widely available in the piracy channels. Why is that? There is a gap between software vendors and customers. Software waste is on the rise, but unpaid use is still a challenge.

How can you mine this gap to address your compliance goals while improving customer relationships? Join us for the webinar to learn:

  • Trends in product usage analytics
  • How to overcome common challenges around auditing and compliance
  • How data can accelerate lead identification and sales cycles
  • How to use data to drive better compliance discussions with your customers