Why is Revenera sponsoring IBSMA’s Compliance Manager Summit for the third year in a row? Quite simply, it is the best conference for software vendors who are focused on license compliance.

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You may have seen that Jason Swan, Managing Director of our partner Software Compliance Group, is presenting a session titled, “Use Big Data to Boost Compliance Results,” but I’m also really looking forward to seeing Adobe’s Corporate Director, Global Piracy Conversion Team, Richard Atkinson and his session, “Adobe Leading Again on Cloud and Compliance.”

Richard is going to discuss why Adobe is closing down the majority of its long-running customer compliance programs in favor of improving customer relationships.

This move is the latest in Adobe’s overall strategy to deemphasize compliance and push toward a customer-focused, and a product- and data-driven sales model. You will have a good headstart if you attended our webinar with Richard (How Adobe Protects Customers From Software Piracy), but I can’t wait to hear more about how his program is doing.

I highly recommend attending the conference – you can register here and use Coupon Code 987 to save $100 off of the registration fee. We’ll have a table in the sponsor’s area where we’ll be sharing some new case studies and the latest news on what we’re up to – let me know if you have any questions – I hope to see you there!