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Revenera Releases InstallShield 2021 with Support for Cloud Build Infrastructures and Windows 11 Readiness

InstallShield also innovates with support for cloud licensing and a subscription model

Itasca, IL - September 7, 2021 Revenera, producer of leading solutions that help technology companies build better products, accelerate time to value and monetize what matters, today announced the availability of InstallShield 2021. The leading solution for Microsoft Windows installations fully supports installations for Windows 11, which will launch later this year.

With this new release, Revenera also announced the availability of a cloud licensing option that eliminates the operational overhead required to get the solution up and running, easing the process for users of adopting InstallShield and better supporting cloud build environments. Software vendors using InstallShield can now choose between local and cloud managed licensing, making it easier to adapt the implementation to meet their own and their customers’ needs  in connected and disconnected environments.

By changing the monetization model for InstallShield to a subscription model, Revenera is also moving to the prevalent monetization model in the industry. “By offering InstallShield as a subscription, we are meeting the preferences of our customers who want to subscribe to a solution,” said Nicole Segerer, VP of Products and Marketing at Revenera. “Subscription is the industry standard for any software. It provides our customers with lower annual spend and the maximum level of service that they need to be successful with InstallShield.” 

InstallShield helps developers deliver clean installs, upgrades and uninstalls for single software products, packages and suites. The new 2021 release allows users to: 

  • Install packages directly from Windows Package Manager, enabling seamless installs of required third-party packages, 

  • Add support for updates in Microsoft’s packaging format, MSIX, ensuring that MSIX applications are updated automatically,

  • Build modern, one-click installers, and 

  • Run and create installers for the latest version of Microsoft Windows.

“InstallShield has been the standard for Windows installations for over three decades. With every release, Revenera strives to deliver the best-possible experience for developers building installers and their end customers, whose first touch point with a software product is the installation. InstallShield 2021 helps streamline installations even more. The automation of updates, like those for MSIX, delivers new efficiencies and an excellent end user experience” said Venkat Ram Donga, Product Management Leader for InstallShield. 

Learn more about InstallShield 2021 by starting your free trial today.

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