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Revenera Releases A Developer’s Guide to MSIX

Free book helps developers modernize applications for containerized packages

Itasca, IL - December 14, 2021 Revenera, producer of leading solutions that help technology companies build better products, accelerate time to value and monetize what matters, today announced the publication of A Developer’s Guide to MSIX. This free, one-of-a-kind book is written to help developers retain as much code as possible, while modernizing applications for the new world of containerized packages.

MSIX, Microsoft’s packaging format, is the newest replacement for the Microsoft Software Installer (MSI) and Setup EXE installer technologies that have been around for decades. MSIX continues to gain acceptance and adoption because of the benefits it brings in terms of security, ease of use, and reliability in application installations. Revenera’s InstallShield helps software producers build MSIX packages for this new, modern runtime environment intended to protect both their applications and end-user systems.

Written by Tim Mangan, the renowned expert on MSIX, and by co-authors Hassanul Banna Kazhungil and Varaprasad Reddy Mallam (Revenera) and Kiran Mantagi (Flexera), A Developer’s Guide to MSIX is a practical guide that covers:

  • Why MSIX
  • What MSIX brings to the world of software development
  • The right framework to create a project to modernize your applications
  • Basic concepts about running code in an MSIX container
  • How the Package Support Framework (PSF) can help solve common issues faced by developers
  • A guide to creating a new MSIX project and steps required for converting existing products to MSIX

“The packaging and deployment of applications create significant challenges within the Windows desktop system. When customers struggle to install it, difficulties grow for all involved. InstallShield helps developers create native MSIX packages or convert any MSI file to MSIX,” said Nicole Segerer, VP of Products and Marketing at Revenera. “This book is the first resource to provide comprehensive documentation on how to modernize your applications in the world of containerized packages. As the leading solution for building Windows installers, we’re proud to offer this valuable resource to help developers retain as much code as possible as they innovate and modernize their applications.”

Download the free book (226-page PDF) here.

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