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Macrovision Unveils InstallShield Software to Help Customers Get Ready for Microsoft Windows Vista

InstallShield V12 strengthens Macrovision's leadership in the installation software market

SANTA CLARA, CA - June 12, 2006 Macrovision® Corporation (Nasdaq: MVSN) today announced a significant new version of its InstallShield™ software that supports the latest beta version of the Microsoft Windows Vista™ operating system. InstallShield is the market-leading installation development solution that software producers use when they prepare their applications for installation on the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.

Macrovision's "Get Ready for Vista" support includes the ability for an installation to specifically target hardware running the latest beta of the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, maintain security via the new User Access Control functionality, minimize the frequency of reboots through the Restart Manager interface, and execute a set of validation tests to confirm that the installation is Windows Vista ready.

Additionally with InstallShield version 12, support for a wide range of platforms, devices and operating systems has been extended with additional mobile platform management and the ability to quickly convert existing installations into the Microsoft Windows Installer format.

"With our newest release of InstallShield, Macrovision continues to lead the installation software market," said Fred Amoroso, CEO of Macrovision. "By supporting the most current Windows technology platforms and the Microsoft Windows Vista beta, we are providing our customers with the enhancements they have requested. They can stay current with today's technologies and be prepared for tomorrow's request. As a result, they can create and develop software applications that enhance their customers' installation experience."

InstallShield version 12 is currently available in English, German, and Japanese. The key enhancements are helping software producers in the following ways:

  • "Get Ready for Vista" – The new release comes with support for the latest beta version of Microsoft Windows Vista—including Internet Explorer 7, Windows Installer 4, and other important new technologies - to help software producers prepare their solutions for delivery when the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system becomes generally available.
  • "Stay Current" – The new release includes support for the latest Microsoft technologies, including Windows Mobile 5.0, SQL Server 2005, .NET Framework 2.0, .NET Compact Framework 2.0, DIFX 2.01 and more.
  • Accelerate installation development – Some of the new enhancements include additional configuration of setup prerequisites, collaborative tools for developers to share information with setup authors, the ability to automatically convert installations into the Windows Installer format, and an InstallScript Engine overhaul for improved performance.

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