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Macrovision’s New FlexNet InstallShield Extends Development Value of Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2005

Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Provides Windows Developers with the Industry’s Leading Installation Technology for Increasing Productivity and Reducing Development Time

SANTA CLARA, CA - November 29, 2005 Macrovision Corporation® (Nasdaq:MVSN), today announced full support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 with the availability of FlexNet™ InstallShield® 11.5, the industry's first fully-integrated installation solution for Microsoft's new development platform. Building on Macrovision's leadership in Windows installations, FlexNet InstallShield 11.5 offers complete integration with just-released Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and support for the .NET Framework 2.0, bringing software developers the latest technology to increase productivity and reduce development time.

"The launch of Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0 is an extremely significant release in Windows development tools since it enables application development teams to improve speed to market and decrease development costs and development cycles," said Ian Knox, lead product manager of the .NET Developer Product Marketing Group at Microsoft Corp. "The tight integration of Macrovision's FlexNet InstallShield 11.5 creates a seamless path from development to installation, giving software developers confidence that the target end-users will have the best possible experience with their applications built in Visual Studio 2005."

FlexNet InstallShield 11.5 provides support for key technologies available for the first time in Visual Studio 2005, including support for the .NET 2.0 framework, support for the Microsoft Build Engine, and the ability to transform Microsoft's new ClickOnce packages into the industry-standard Windows Installer (MSI) format. As the software industry is moving into the final year of preparation for the release of Windows Vista, FlexNet InstallShield 11.5, with its deep support for Visual Studio 2005, represents an important step towards ensuring readiness and compatibility with the next generation of deployment targets.

"In their quest for a competitive edge, software companies depend on having the most advanced, most current tools available, especially when it comes to creating the best possible first impression for their software products," said Fred Amoroso, President and CEO of Macrovision. "As the de facto standard in installations, Macrovision has continued to work closely with Microsoft to support the latest Windows technologies, and help software developers and their customers get the most value from their applications."

FlexNet InstallShield 11.5 offers software developers the following new benefits and enhancements:
• Visual Studio 2005 support – FlexNet InstallShield allows the creation of Windows Installer (MSI) based installations within the same Visual Studio 2005 interface used for application development, saving development time.

• .NET 2.0 Framework support – FlexNet InstallShield provides full support for applications designed for .NET 2.0, allowing for reliable installations.

• Microsoft SQL Server 2005 support – Complete support for SQL Server 2005 automates many processes that were previously accomplished by writing custom code, saving development time.

• ClickOnce support – Developers can use the ClickOnce Deployment project type, which provides an easy to use, lightweight application deployment mechanism.

• Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) support – Allows developers to build Visual Studio 2005 solutions with FlexNet InstallShield projects in build lab environments where Visual Studio 2005 is not installed, reducing development time.

• DIFxApp 2.0 support – FlexNet InstallShield provides full support for Microsoft DIFxApp 2.0, which simplifies the process of adding device drivers to MSI or InstallScript MSI projects.

• Integration with FlexNet InstallShield Collaboration – This just-released add-on module enables development managers to deliver higher-quality installations in less time by improving collaboration between application and installation developers throughout the development process.

FlexNet InstallShield is a core element of FlexNet, the industry's premier Software Value Management (SVM) platform which includes solutions for software installation, updating, packaging, licensing, entitlement management, end user management, and usage optimization.

Pricing and Availability
FlexNet InstallShield 11.5 is available immediately from Macrovision and a network of authorized resellers and distributors worldwide. Additional information on the complete FlexNet InstallShield product line, as well as training classes and professional services, is available from or by calling +1-800-809-5659 (U.S.), +44-870-871-1111 (EMEA).

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