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Flexera Features IDC, Simon-Kucher & Partners and other Thought Leaders at SoftSummit 2018 Regional Conferences

Itasca, IL - September 11, 2018 Flexera's hosting SoftSummit, the leading conference addressing software, SaaS and IoT pricing and monetization, Sept. 20 in Los Gatos, CA, and Oct. 11 in Boston-Waltham, MA.

Software suppliers will learn how to grow their digital leadership position, deliver excellent customer experiences and increase revenue from software, digital services and IoT devices. Topics include:

  • Pricing and monetization strategies for SaaS and IoT offerings
  • Successful monetization strategies for subscription businesses
  • The value of usage data and insights for smarter product development and pricing
  • Application security and updates for connected and disconnected devices


  • Monetization in a Post-Sale, On-Demand World – Hybrid Business Models, SaaS Monetization and Customer Growth
  • Software and Device Updates and Insights for Connected and Disconnected Devices
  • Open Source is Everywhere – A Best Practice Guide for Suppliers
  • Monetization Panel, featuring product, pricing and licensing leaders 

IDC’s Mark Thomason, Research Director of Digital Business Models & Monetization

  • The Monetization Ecosystem and Market Trends

Simon-Kucher & Partners’ Josh Bloom, Global Head of Software, Internet & Media; and Andre Weber, Managing Partner USA

  • Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value in Subscription Businesses

Smiths Detection’s Tim Norton, Global Market Director for Ports & Borders

  • Monetizing the Digital Transformation of the Ports & Borders Industry

Summit Healthcare’s Paul Actis, Senior Vice President of Research & Development

  • Client First: Enabling Product Flexibility to Optimize Service and Support Processes

2020 Spaces’ Paul Simacek, Manager of Pricing & Licensing

  • Flexible Monetization in an eCommerce World


  • Matthew Dunkley, Senior Director of Product Management
  • Jeff Luszcz, Vice President of Product Management
  • Scott Niemann, Principal of Product Management 
  • Nicole Segerer, Senior Manager of Product Marketing     
  • Geoff Surkamer, Vice President of Worldwide Producer Sales
  • Cris Wendt, Principal Consultant


  • Sept. 20 from 12:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the Toll House Hotel in Los Gatos, CA
  • Oct. 11 from 12:00 – 7:00 p.m. at the Westin Waltham in Boston, MA



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