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FlexNet Licensing Setup Service

FlexNet Software Licensing Setup Made Easy

Software vendors clearly understand the strategic importance of the applications they develop– it's their business. And protecting intellectual property and properly monetizing investments requires comprehensive and flexible software licensing management solution.

Intelligent device manufacturers increasingly have to combat rapid commoditization of their hardware and are turning to software applications to create product differentiation. Software licensing solutions, through their ability to electronically control product configurations, also hold the key to configure-to-order manufacturing that reduces manufacturing complexity and leans out supply chain operations.

Revenera’s FlexNet Licensing solution (composed of FlexNet Publisher and FlexNet Embedded) makes it easy for software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers to monetize, secure, enhance and grow market share through the flexible pricing, packaging, and licensing of applications, including intelligent devices or equipment using embedded software. FlexNet Licensing also gives organizations the power to protect IP and rein in unauthorized software use to prevent revenue loss.


At the conclusion of the FlexNet Licensing Setup Service, you'll have realized the following benefits:

  • Getting a solid head start on the licensing portion of software development
  • Reducing learning curve time for developers
  • Reducing the amount of time spent on licensing for a project
  • Avoiding some common scenarios that delay or derail the addition of licensing into a software project


FlexNet Licensing Setup is delivered by one Revenera consultant in a two-day workshop. Typical topic flow:

  • Identify developer system to install FlexNet Licensing tools
  • Install FlexNet Licensing toolkit
  • Incorporate Revenera-provided vendor name and keys
  • Configure encryption seeds
  • Configure transaction seeds
  • Build FlexNet Licensing toolkit
  • Usage of the FlexNet Publisher prep tool (FlexNet Publisher only)
  • For FlexNet Publisher
    • Build vendor certificate generator for FlexNet Operations
    • Add vendor certificate generator to FlexNet Operations
    • Configure FlexNet Operations transaction key
  • For FlexNet Embedded
    • Create Publisher Identity on FlexNet Operations
  • Create sample product and entitlement in FlexNet Operations
  • Build example FlexNet Licensing applications
  • Demonstrate activation and returns


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