Monetize SaaS, IoT, and on-premises software with FlexNet Licensing

Streamline operations with a powerful software licensing service that enables you to grow recurring revenue and monitor compliance.

FlexNet Licensing

Revenera's advanced software licensing service supports the full range of monetization models, including: subscription, token, consumption, floating, device-based, node-locked, named-user, capacity, metered, pay-for-use, pay-for-overage, time-limited, and more.

It can operate as standalone infrastructure, as an SDK built into your application, or as a flexible web services framework, enabling diverse software licensing models across hybrid deployments – even in air-gapped, virtualized, and containerized environments.

Centralized licensing ensures a holistic view of end customer consumption across your entire product line, and allows you to offer flexible pricing and packaging options to meet specific customer needs.

Diagram showing Revenera's full range of software licensing solutions.

Revenera's broad range of software licensing services support all deployments – on-premises, embedded, SaaS, and Cloud

Ikon Science is always looking to elevate our customer experience to provide the flexibility through license models and the release of new solutions with different delivery methods. Revenera has been a long-time partner to help us realize this vision by providing a variety of licensing models, remote connectivity options and allowing us to focus on technology innovation.



  • Improve the customer experience by enabling self-service activation
  • Accelerate time-to-market with 'best of breed' licensing technology
  • Easily adapt pricing and feature bundling to meet market demands
  • Access to a dedicated software licensing service and customer support team
  • Report and act on 'red flag behavior', such as license cloning or clock wind-back


Dynamic Monetization

Dynamic Monetization is an API-driven cloud service that allows technology companies to introduce flexible monetization models for connected software and devices. The first supported model is Elastic Access, a unique, out-of-the-box approach that allows producers to:

  • Make rapid price and packaging changes with adjustable Rate Tables
  • Improve user experiences with streamlined procurement to avoid project delays
  • Optimize costs for customers, as pricing aligns with value and real-time usage data ensures exact charging 
  • Lower barriers to entry for small and mid-size enterprises, with the ability to try new products before subscribing
  • Gain actionable insights with detailed usage reports to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

FlexNet Embedded

Benefit from Revenera’s flexible software licensing solutions with support for all platforms and monetization models. FlexNet Embedded is a small footprint SDK that works with software applications – on-premises, cloud, virtualized or mobile – as well as with embedded software on devices.

  • Implement all modern monetization models out-of-the-box for packaged, embedded and cloud software.
  • Provide in-product and volume license activation support.
  • Protect software with tamper-resistant application technology (code obfuscation and sophisticated identification of unauthorized use).
  • Broad platform support for a wide range of operating systems, including embedded and mobile.
  • Detect virtual machine cloning and manage compliance according to your policies.
  • Detect if your applications are running in Docker containers, and support concurrent and consumption-based licensing models in container environments.

FlexNet Publisher

FlexNet Publisher (formerly FlexLM) is the de facto standard in software licensing solutions, used by thousands of publishers to license and protect their applications. It supports a variety of software monetization models, captures usage, and offers advanced protection like tamper-resistance.

  • Manage all license models out-of-the-box, including pay-for-overage support.
  • Provide efficient in-product and volume license activation support.
  • Prevent unauthorized copying and piracy.
  • Support flexible machine fingerprinting.
  • Support a wide variety of platforms including all major operating systems and virtualization technologies.

Cloud Monetization API

The Cloud Monetization API provides access to FlexNet Embedded capabilities in use cases where an SDK is not the preferred implementation:

  • Small-footprint IoT devices that can’t accommodate an SDK and already use JSON/REST for other functions
  • Security requirements that restrict the use of third-party software on a device
  • SaaS implementations where the underlying hardware is trusted and on-device security is not required
  • Quick deployment implementations prior to migrating to FlexNet Embedded SDKs with trusted storage
  • Situations requiring control on cryptographic libraries for regulatory reasons, such as FIPS compliance.

For these implementations, the Cloud Monetization API provides a standard web services framework to connect your application to FlexNet Operations.

FlexNet ID Dongle

Today’s state-of-the-art software-based licensing is the choice for most suppliers, offering more flexibility than any hardware-based approach.

However, dongles are still a solution for some use cases, providing software protection by limiting or locking software access to your system.

The FlexNet ID dongle works in conjunction with FlexNet Licensing (FlexNet Embedded or FlexNet Publisher) to enhance security as a form of hostid.

The dongle is a serialized hardware key that attaches to a parallel or USB port and is automatically supported as a valid hostid by any FlexNet Licensing-enabled application.

Moving to a subscription model has accelerated our growth and opened up new markets for 2020. Changing to software keys and knowing we still had control of licenses allowed us to enhance our customer experience without risking revenue loss. Revenera provided the stable, secure foundation we needed to implement these improvements.


Flexible Software Licensing Service

FlexNet Licensing comprises a range of mature, state-of-the-art software licensing services that global technology leaders trust.

When used in conjunction with the FlexNet Operations entitlement management system, you can gain usage insights to better inform product and feature planning – tracking utilization to understand key value drivers, detect overuse, manage compliance, monitor churn risk, and enable usage-based chargeback for SaaS applications. 

FlexNet Licensing protects your software against revenue loss by ensuring only licensed and credentialed users can access your products. You can implement anything from strict enforcement to trust-but-verify programs, consistently enforcing license terms without impacting usability and customer satisfaction – protecting IP for on-premises products and controlling access to SaaS apps and IoT devices. 


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The robust software licensing service provides multiple layers of protection, allowing you to add tamper-resistance to your code, install safeguards against unauthorized access, use secure activation mechanisms, detect hacking and overuse, and react accordingly. 

Revenera has collaborated with cloud and virtualization platform providers to ensure seamless licensing functionality in these environments, and FlexNet Licensing can also detect virtual machine cloning – reacting in line with your compliance model (deny or report). 

Additionally, FlexNet Licensing's sophisticated activation processes help IoT device manufacturers tackle gray market abuse by ensuring only original devices are activated.


We knew we would be gaining advantages by automating product licensing, but we wanted to make the transformation as seamless as possible. We felt we were well-positioned to take what Revenera had and integrate it with our product line to create an attractive offering for our customers.


Software Monetization

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