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Software and IoT Monetization Products

Monetize What Matters - Market-Leading Licensing, Entitlement, Usage and Compliance Management

Software and IoT suppliers worldwide protect and monetize their SaaS, mobile, on-premises, and embedded applications with Revenera’s Software and IoT Monetization solutions. It helps them drive more revenue from their software while protecting their IP. They protect their applications and devices, manage compliance, understand their customers’ needs, and drive recurring revenue.

A holistic solution for Software Monetization and Usage Analytics

A holistic solution for Software Monetization and Usage Analytics

We know each company has unique needs.  You may want to manage monetization and compliance models for your software products, use a central solution for entitlement management, licensing and provisioning or automate software delivery and updates.  Or maybe your product management team wants to better understand feature usage so you can focus on products that deliver the highest possible value to your customers and drive customer growth.  Revenera’s software monetization solutions are available standalone or as part of the Revenera Software Monetization platform.  You can address today’s critical needs and then further optimize your monetization effort over time. 

Monetize What Matters

See how software suppliers benefit from a central view of their customers, across all products - SaaS, on-premises or embedded.

Monetization Solutions

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Entitlement Management

A successful software business needs an efficient operations center – a central entitlement management back office for your software, Software as a Service (SaaS) or Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded software solutions. Know what your customers own, and what they are using. Monetize software and devices effectively and manage compliance and customer growth.


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Software Licensing

Grow market share and prevent revenue loss from overuse and piracy. Software licensing drives recurring revenue and application protection. Revenera is the industry leader for electronic software licensing.


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Software Delivery and Updates

The number of connected devices continues to expand, making management of software updates a challenge. At the same time, many devices are not connected at all. We can provide a single update solution with a view of what’s happening on the vast number of connected devices – even those deployed on a customers’ private network.


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Usage Intelligence

Whether defining new features or optimizing your existing product functionality, Usage Intelligence helps you make better decisions. Collect and analyze actual product usage metrics to understand user engagement and interaction with your software, analyze your install base and build a data-driven strategy for roadmaps, packing, pricing and sunsetting decisions.


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Compliance Intelligence

Compliance Intelligence helps software suppliers systematically monetize the unpaid use of their applications. It detects, identifies, and reports on organizations using your software without paying for it. Infringements are transformed into actionable leads for your sales and compliance team.


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Renewals and Customer Growth

Customer Growth lets you see a snapshot of customer account health and, more importantly, trends in usage. You can easily create alerts to be triggered when customers cross important thresholds and drill down into the products they own and see consumption at the feature level. You can track renewals and provide a view of expiring entitlements to customers, leading to a transparent and trusted renewal process.




Software Usage Analytics Accelerates Revenue Growth

As Flexera acquires Revulytics, hear from Mark Thomason, Research Director at IDC and our experts, about why usage analytics is the key to revenue growth, happier customers and a more strategic product roadmap.

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The Software Monetization Maturity Model

Use this framework to devise and prioritize steps to maximizing software revenues, accelerating revenue recognition and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Industry Report

Frost & Sullivan: Global Software Licensing and Monetization Market, Forecast to 2025

Analyst report on the growth of the Software Licensing and Monetization Market to 2025. In this report the analysts have confirmed that Revenera (formerly Flexera Software) is a leading provider in the software enforced software licensing segment

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