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Open Source Compliance and Vulnerability Management

Software Composition Analysis Solutions for Engineering, Security, and Legal Teams

Companies with a comprehensive strategy for open source license compliance and vulnerability management drive a trust-in-development culture, add business value, and create competitive advantage.

Data supports that at least 90 percent of your codebase is made up of open source components.

Do you know what’s in your code?

OSS Audit Data

Organizations are aware of less than 10% of their open source use.

What You Get From Revenera

  • Automated, continuous open source scanning for enterprise compliance and vulnerability management
  • A complete scan of your source code, binaries, and dependencies
  • Secure software without sacrificing time-to-market
  • Compliance and security risk mitigation before issues become major problems
  • An accurate, complete Software Bill of Materials (SBoM)
  • Real-time alerts
  • High-level to deep dive analysis—from software packages to code snippets
  • Easy integration into your software development lifecycle




What We Deliver

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Automated Legal and Security Compliance Checks for Software Engineers

Automate early detection and remediation of license compliance and security issues in your DevOps lifecycle.


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Open Source License Compliance

Be compliant with license obligations, protect your IP, and avoid legal risk.


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Security Vulnerability Management

Identify vulnerable open source components, remediate, and ship secure products to your customers.


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Software Bill of Materials

Quickly and easily build an accurate inventory of all open source components, including dependencies and licenses.


Resources & Success Stories

Research Report

2021 Open Source License Compliance Report

In this report, Revenera compiled license compliance and vulnerability data from 2020 audit services projects to create a snap shot of the state of open source compliance in the industry today.

View Research Report

2021 Open Source Governance: Top Ten Trends and Predictions

Alex Rybak, Director of Product Management at Revenera, and Russ Eling, founder and CEO of OSS Engineering Consultants, share their top 10 open source usage, license compliance and security insights for 2021.

Analyst Brief

Addressing the Hidden Cost of Embedding Open Source Software

Read “Addressing the Hidden Cost of Embedding Open Source Software” report from IDC to learn more about the benefits of devising and adopting an Open Source Strategy

View Analyst Brief

Want to reduce your vulnerabilities from open source software?