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Reduce Software Supply Chain Uncertainty

Join Forester’s Senior Analyst, Janet Worthington and Revenera’s Senior Director of Product Management, Alex Rybak, as they provide clarity on the role of the (SBOM) and steps for improved software supply chain integrity.

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Building a Successful Open Source Program Office

Hear why Open Source Program Office’s (OSPO) are important from industry leading experts and learn, not only how to get started, but which stakeholders should play critical roles in your OSPO in this Revenera and DevOps webinar.

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User Group 2022 - Software Composition Analysis

Thursday, September 22nd, 2022

Register to attend Revenera’s annual Software Composition Analysis User Group event, where you will be able to engage with and hear from your peers, product experts and partners.

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User Group 2022 - Software Monetization

Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

Register to attend Revenera’s annual Software Monetization User Group event, where you will be able to engage with and hear from your peers, product experts and partners

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Open Source Exchange: The Legal Side of Compliance and Security in M&A and Software Auditing

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Join legal experts in this Revenera panel discussion to learn more about what’s happening in the software supply chain and setting legal best practices for helping your clients and organizations through the complexity of open source use.

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Implementing Use Rights for SaaS: Identity and Access vs. Entitlement Management

Join Revenera’s Scott Niemann, Director of Product Management, for a discussion on the challenges of managing use rights for SaaS applications and review how providers are using Identity and Access Management (IAM) & Entitlement Management solutions

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The R&D Dilemma: Build or Buy Systems for Entitlement, Licenses and Usage Management

Join Revenera’s VP, Engineering, Ravi Mazumdar and VP, Products and Marketing, Nicole Segerer for a discussion centered around whether you should build or buy.

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“Unpacking MSIX”: Panel Discussion

Watch this roundtable discussion to learn more about how developers can retain as much code as possible as they continue to innovate and modernize applications.

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SoftSummit 2022

Revenera’s annual SoftSummit event returns for its 2022 installment. Join industry leaders for sessions focused on software monetization trends & strategies, along with implementing & balancing on-premise, SaaS, & hybrid deployment models.

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TechTalk: InstallShield “Suite” Secrets

In this TechTalk you’ll learn about Suite, a project type within InstallShield, and how it resolves the problem of installing multiple packages, learn how Windows features in Suite works, and how secure it is to send packages via an installer.

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Open Source Exchange: Security and License Compliance Challenges in the Year Ahead

Listen to our expert open source panel as they discuss topics such as; Log4j; 
legal developments resulting from GPL enforcement actions and SBOM mandates, the status of the cybersecurity executive order and long-lasting affects and more.

Webinars & Events

A Legal View on Open Source License Compliance From 2021

Revenera’s VP & Associate General Counsel, Marty Mellican and GTC Law Group’s, Principal, Leon Schwartz are joined to discuss, the Executive Order on improving the nation’s cybersecurity, GPL enforcement actions, emerging technology, open source and and many more will be explored in this one hour webinar.