Delivering Outstanding Value to Clients

    Revenera and Summit Healthcare team up on software monetization solutions

Summit Healthcare LogoSummit Healthcare, with over 1,000 clients internationally, has been the choice of hospitals and providers who want to take full control of their systems integration, automation and information management landscapes. As Summit Healthcare’s business grew and the ecosystem became more complex, they recognized the need for a software monetization solution that would simplify their own operations and provide an improved customer experience.

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  • Give customers more control over license and feature activation 
  • Reduce operational costs 
  • Modernize monetization options

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  • Implemented a modern state-of-the-art monetization platform 
  • Applied flexible monetization models

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  • Customer control through a selfservice portal 
  • Ability for Summit Healthcare to allow trial periods and create custom configurations 
  • Minimal internal resources needed for implementation

Organizing the Healthcare Community

As a cutting-edge leader in healthcare IT products and solutions, Summit Healthcare offers the healthcare community a premiere suite of tools to address any automation or integration need that an organization might have. Each solution is built with the intent of increasing efficiencies, lowering costs, and enabling organizations to provide better patient care.

Build vs. Buy

Early in their history Summit Healthcare built their own licensing system, available to their staff, with no self-service capabilities for customers. Clients had to call for installations and activations and Summit Healthcare had to physically visit each system that required a software installation, consuming valuable development and support resources. Summit Healthcare concluded these resources would be better utilized building revenue generating features for their clients, rather than maintaining an internal licensing system. They decided to choose a modern and flexible software monetization solution that would take their monetization processes to the next level.

The Right Partner and the Right Monetization Solution

Summit Healthcare selected Revenera’s Software Monetization Platform to fit their business needs. Their selection criteria included a system that came with a self-service portal that could be branded with the Summit Healthcare brand, a solution that minimized the internal resources needed for implementation and delivered high ROI. Other requirements were low internal development cost, modern monetization options, and a futureproof solution with a strong product vision and customer-focused service and support organization.


Our clients make a significant investment in our solutions; their user experience is extremely important. We needed a partner with monetization expertise who could help us deliver the access and control our clients wanted, while allowing us to focus our resources on high-value features. Revenera has turned out to be the ideal partner for this.



The Solution

Summit Healthcare has over 100 clients currently using the Revenera solution, providing them with a flexible and scalable value proposition to meet their integration needs. The solution includes:

  • The ability for clients to install and run software without being disrupted by licensing processes. 
  • Client control for turning features on and off. 
  • The flexibility for Summit Healthcare to activate and deactivate features to allow trial periods, proof-of-concept configurations and feature bundles benefiting their client base.

Additionally, minimal resources are needed to maintain the Revenera Monetization Platform.

The Summit Healthcare solution offers a variety of licensing models, ensuring their partners are prepared for whatever their clients’ needs may be.

Next Steps

Monetize What Matters and Elevate Your Customers’ Experience.