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Plug-in & Go Application Security

Integrate with your development tools and enterprise IT. Scan OSS fast and efficiently.


Open source scanning is not a one-off, nor is it a separate task that you can run in a silo. Everyone needs a reliable process to find open source components in their code – no matter where they are hidden. Open source is a driver for fast and agile development, bringing innovation and efficiency to every software project, but you can’t reap the rewards without doing your due diligence.


An open source scanning tool needs to plug in to your build tools, DevOps cycle and your enterprise IT so you can reliably find everything – from packages to code snippets – and remediate issues quickly. Here’s what you can expect from FlexNet Code Insight, our end-to-end scanning solution:

  • Out-of-the-box integration with CI/CD (continuous integration / continuous development) tools, IDE and SCM tools, as well as artifact repositories and external repositories
  • Quick and easy remediation with a Jira plugin
  • Plug-and-go application security with existing enterprise systems
  • Plugins that allow scanning within your cloud build environment
  • Automated package-level discovery for reduced security risks and management of license compliance
  • Quick and easy integrations to any system you want. to integrate with, using a set of REST APIs
  • A friction-free, intuitive solution that is easy to use and adds value not time to workloads
  • Access to the most experienced subject matter experts and services experts in the industry

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