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Open Source License Compliance

Be in compliance with open source license obligations and protect your IP.


Open source code is free and available for anyone to use — but there are limitations. Licensing obligations must be complied with to prevent penalties and to avoid an even worse situation that keeps you from selling your company’s product.

There are laws established for using open source licenses, but most developers are in the dark. As well as CEOs and general counsel. Being aware of applications with known vulnerabilities, the open source disclosures for a product, and if your organization is compliant with license obligations is key.


FlexNet Code Insight empowers organizations to take the reins and manage their open source software and third party components. You can quickly scan products for intellectual property and compliance risk. Setting the foundation for license compliance, IP protection and best in class open source software management.

Assess Your License Compliance

Most companies today have more open source compliance issues than they are aware of. Work with us to get a complete overview. We won't stop with high-level package analysis. We'll show you all evidence of open source in your code.

License Exposure

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FlexNet Code Insight

Empower your organization to manage open source software (OSS) and third-party components. FlexNet Code Insight helps development, legal and security teams to reduce open source security risk and manage license compliance with an end-to-end system.


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FlexNet Code Aware

FlexNet Code Aware sees what you can’t in your open source code — from security threats to intellectual property (IP) compliance issues. It’s a simple scan that ensures you’re safe to ship…or stops you from spreading risk.


Assess Your Open Source Management

In this assessment, you’ll discover exactly where you are on your open source software (OSS) management journey — and find out what steps you can take to make your life easier. Take the 3 minute assessment to benchmark your level of OSS management maturity today and get actionable insights.



Research Report

The 2020 License Compliance Research Report

In this report, Revenera compiled license compliance and vulnerability data from 2019 audit services projects, and highlights key data points about open source license compliance.

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Introduction to Open Source Governance in 60 Minutes

Citing practices in the Linux Foundation’s OpenChain Specification, this webinar provides you with the latest industry insights and recommendations for successful management of Open Source Software use in software development processes.

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Revenera Certification with Legal Professionals

This course is intended for legal counsel to acquire Revenera certification for Open Source Software (OSS) use within internal applications, for M&A and other due diligence efforts, and in product development and distribution.

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