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Software Composition Analysis Solutions

Assess Open Source License Compliance and Security

Software Composition Analysis helps you manage your open source security and license compliance obligations. Revenera’s solution will scan your applications’ source code and, if necessary, issue alerts if vulnerabilities are identified.

Never Miss Evidence of Open Source Software — From Software Packages to Code Snippets.

Revenera’s Software Composition Analysis products scan your source code, binaries and dependencies for software vulnerabilities and license compliance issues. We integrate with common build tools and provide one of the largest open source knowledge bases in the industry, with more than 14 million components. Our audit teams provide support for baseline audits and due diligence events like mergers and acquisition.

OSS Audit Data

Organizations are aware of less than 10% of their open source use.

Problems We Solve

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Agile DevOps Support

Automate the detection and remediation of license compliance and security issues in your DevOps lifecycle.


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Open Source License Compliance

There are laws established for using open source licenses, but most developers are in the dark. Being aware of the open source disclosures for a product and if your organization is compliant with license obligations is key.


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Open Source Vulnerability Management

Scan your software for vulnerabilities and prioritize your risks. You can track down vulnerabilities during development, at the build stage and in code that’s being used in your applications in production.


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Plug-in & Go Application Security

Integrate with your development tools and enterprise IT. Scan OSS fast and efficiently.


Resources & Success Stories


Open Source Security and Compliance

Revenera uses FlexNet Code Insight to manage open source risk. Read this success story and learn more about our “Get Clean, Stay Clean” strategy.


The State of Open Source Software: OSS Trends to Watch in 2019

Revenera discusses trends in open source compliance and security, and how these trends will impact technology companies in 2019 and beyond.


A Field Guide to Open Source Licensing

Get this helpful, short guide that highlights useful terms required in some of the more popular open source licenses as well as an open source compliance checklist.


Want to reduce your vulnerabilities from open source software?