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Strategies of Licensing & Entitlement Management

Software Licensing and Entitlement Management Strategies & Best Practices

Licensing and entitlement management is increasingly popular (and valuable) for software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers. It is ideal for organizations who want flexibility in the way they sell and license their software, while at the same time allowing them to maintain and enhance control of their intellectual property. Licensing and entitlement management can have significant benefits in terms of increasing sales and reducing revenues lost to unlicensed use and piracy. However, this technology must be effectively managed to avoid creating new operational issues and costs.

Revenera has extensive experience helping organizations successfully implement and deploy licensing and entitlement management strategies and solutions. The Strategies of Licensing and Entitlement Management class from Revenera Global Consulting Services is designed to help organizations maximize their investment in licensing and entitlement management strategies.

Strategies of Licensing and Entitlement Management provides software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers with insights into different strategies for deploying licensing and entitlement management solutions. The workshop enables organizations to:

  • Understand licensing and entitlement management best practices before beginning a design
  • Have a framework to analyze licensing and entitlement management issues
  • Increase the value of license and entitlement management deployment by understanding options available to design a solution
  • Have a clear understanding of solutions for problems posed by industry and technology trends like virtualization, cloud computing, SaaS, and consumerization of IT
  • Make more informed decisions about project goals, timeframes and results    


Strategies of Licensing and Entitlement Management class can help your organization:

  • Design and roll out more profitable business models
  • Develop and optimize annuity revenue streams
  • Develop agile products to rapidly deploy new license models
  • Monetize cloud computing
  • Create an iTunes-like experience for customers
  • Integrate companies acquired via mergers and acquisitions more effectively
  • Automate all licensing and entitlement management processes


The class is delivered by a single principal consultant and incorporates the following attributes:

  • Initial planning: this involves class refinement and possible tuning of the material to customer market and business
  • Classroom-style interactive class: in some cases, multiple workshops may be delivered if the organization is large and all attendees cannot attend a single session