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Operational Model Design Service

Deliver a Positive Customer Experience with the Right Entitlement Management Model

Software vendors and intelligent devices manufacturers increasingly struggle with the growing complexity of entitlement management system design. They must grapple with supporting new business models, the demands of product lifecycle management, a plethora of entitlement and compliance policies and the unique challenges that accompany corporate acquisitions.

In addition, organizations often lack a comprehensive understanding of business processes required to support their software or embedded software business. This stands as a critical hurdle to the design and development of a robust and scalable entitlement management  solution and is often the root cause for high operational costs, and/ or an inability to bring new products or product license models to market.

Revenera Software Global Consulting Services has extensive experience helping organizations make sense of complex entitlement management system design issues. Operational Model Design assists organizations in making sense of this complexity by building cross-functional awareness of their operating environment through the cataloging of their prospect-to-support use cases. The introduction of industry best practices and the ways in which Revenera technologies have addressed similar business needs provides vision for the subsequent design of a robust and scalable licensing, entitlement and compliance management system.


The Operational Design Model service will help you:

  • Accelerate deployment success through well-defined and accepted requirements definition
  • Document a comprehensive use-case catalog
  • Document a 'blueprint' architecture
  • Identify and address system and organizational constraints
  • Address use cases in extended 'Quote-to-Cash' scenarios defined as 'Prospect-to-Support'
  • Provide a single source of communication and knowledge transfer to enable entitlement and compliance management system design


The entitlement management system design engagement is delivered by two Revenera consultants in three distinct phases:


Phase I: Advance Preparation and Planning

  • Revenera: workshop preparation
  • Customer: pre-work reviewing the organization's existing business flows and use cases


Phase II: Requirements Gathering Workshops

  • Business Requirements Review
  • Product Structure and License Model Review
  • Blueprint Architecture
  • Prospect-to-Support Use Cases—including: Pre-Sales and Non-Revenue Entitlements, Revenue Entitlements, Entitlement Administration and more


Phase III: Operational Model Development

The operational model and use-case document is created, reviewed and updated.