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FlexNet Connect

Transform CX with Automated Electronic Software and Firmware Updates, In-Product Messaging and Analytics

Application producers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to drive the customer experience (CX) and interactions in new and meaningful ways. Unfortunately, many producers—both software producers and intelligent device manufacturers—rely on homegrown systems or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites to deliver software and firmware updates. Further, they often use traditional email systems to communicate to end users that updates are available and have no way of collecting product usage data.

Often times, homegrown update systems leave customers frustrated as they wrestle with where to go to find updates as well as how (and when) to apply updates. Producers and enterprises are typically unclear as to who applied updates and who didn’t. Additionally, without a purpose-built application the producer struggles to reach end-users directly when they are using the product and have little to no visibility into how their products are being used. FlexNet Connect®    helps solve these problems as it gives producers a proven, industry- standard solution for software delivery, in-product messaging and installed base analytics without having to engineer the functionality themselves—so they can focus on their core competencies

FlexNet Connect manages updates and collects usage data

FlexNet Connect manages updates and collects usage data – even in disconnected environments


  • Update software and firmware automatically
  • Analyze usage patterns to inform better decisions
  • Get product insight and install-base analytics
  • Push out software and firmware updates
  • Deploy in-product messaging
  • Leverage remote diagnostic and instrumentation management


  • Maximize renewal revenue by only delivering updates to those customers that have paid for them with entitlement-based updates
  • Save time and money with a pre-built client user interface as well as out-of-the-box reports that you can easily configure to meet your reporting needs
  • Enjoy a high degree of deployment flexibility with cloud and on-premises deployment models


Customer Success  

Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring customers have your most current product release with the newest features and bug fixes 

Product Management/Engineering 

Make more intelligent product development and business decisions based on real-time data about your user base and streamline the release management process 


Increase revenue by delivering marketing messages directly to customers and evaluators as they use your software or target customer groups by delivering the right message to the right customer, based on their software version, location, or entitlement status 

Operations/Supply Chain

Reduce operational costs associated with product fulfillment by decreasing packaging and shipping costs with electronic software updates




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