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Monetize the IoT – From the Edge to the Cloud

Make the Most of Your Investment and Drive Incremental Revenue


Everyone’s talking about the potential of the IoT, but how do you extract real value from devices and platforms?


Software is a primary driver of value and differentiation in IoT - and successful IoT companies have also developed a professional and profitable software business. Revenera empowers you to leverage software to monetize the full IoT stack -- from the edge to the cloud. That means IoT platform vendors monetizing access to their solutions and device vendors managing and generating revenue from the growing number of intelligent devices. Revenera solutions enable you to do that in a secure way and get a head start on your competition to realize the earning potential of IoT, supporting all levels of connectivity and business – from start-up to some of the biggest Industrial IoT players in the world.


Data is at the hub of the IoT. We’ll help you collect usage, product instrumentation and telemetry date and then leverage that data to make your product even better. That means predictive and preventive maintenance, based on analytics and product insight, even if you have industrial devices that are offline, only partially connected or operate in an Intranet of Things.

  • Empower monetization with entitlement-driven business operations.
  • Introduce new business models like subscription or pay-per-use.
  • Manage software and devices in your IoT ecosystem through feature management and automated software delivery.
  • Capture product insights to base product innovation and investment on real world intelligence.

Revenera (Formerly Flexera Software) is the IoT Enablement Company of the Year

Revenera (Formerly Flexera Software) was recognized as the 2020 IoT Enablement Company of the Year for the Enterprise Market.  It’s the third time we’ve won this award from IoT Breakthrough.

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Entitlement Management

A successful software business needs an efficient operations center – a central entitlement management back office for your software, Software as a Service (SaaS) or Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded software solutions. Know what your customers own, and what they are using. Monetize software and devices effectively and manage compliance and customer growth.


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Software Licensing

Grow market share and prevent revenue loss from overuse and piracy. Software licensing drives recurring revenue and application protection. Revenera is the industry leader for electronic software licensing.


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Software Delivery and Updates

The number of connected devices continues to expand, making management of software updates a challenge. At the same time, many devices are not connected at all. We can provide a single update solution with a view of what’s happening on the vast number of connected devices – even those deployed on a customers’ private network.


Capture All Of Your Revenue Opportunities

We can help you leverage your IoT properties to drive efficient and effective monetization models built for the modern era.



Case Study


Revenera helps Zebra standardize their monetization solution and automate subscriptions and renewals, while delivering a great customer experience.

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IoT Monetization Toolbox

Drive More Revenue and Customer Satisfaction with Your IoT Solutions

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Monetize the IoT – From the Edge to the Cloud

New IoT business models are great – and are even better when they actually work! Join R “Ray” Wang as he discusses the top priorities that can help you:

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