InstallAnywhere Files and Utilities

VM Templates

To create virtual appliances, you need to obtain a VM template, a pre-installed virtual machine disk that contains an operating system and critical operating system packages. In InstallAnywhere, you can create your own VM templates using the Create InstallAnywhere VM Template wizard or via command line.

Note: You can also download pre-built VM templates during the installation of InstallAnywhere, or can download sample VM templates at any time from below:

Amazon EC2 based InstallAnywhere Sample VM Template

Users can download the InstallAnywhere VM Templates for creating Amazon EC2 based Appliances. Download the files and extract them to $IA_HOME$/resource/baseline_vms/amazon_ec2/

VMWare vSphere based InstallAnywhere Sample VM Template

For VMWare vSphere based appliances, download the following files and extract them to $IA_HOME$/resource/baseline_vms/vmware_esxi/