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Image: Monetize SaaS and Manage Subscriptions

Software products are transitioning to services and SaaS is everywhere. Adoption grows across consumer software, business software and IoT offerings – at an increasing pace.

Software suppliers who want to monetize SaaS and provide a great user experience enable their customers to manage users and use rights easily, instantly and in-app. That gives customers control and lets them know what they are entitled to use and see what they are actually using, which in turn builds trust and transparency.

At the same time, you don’t want to abandon your on-premises software business and a central software monetization platform is key. It delivers a comprehensive overview on all customers and products – regardless of software deployment models and monetization models. It helps you to:

  • Manage subscription licensing models for SaaS and on-premises applications
  • Provide a central overview on your customers and insight into the value they are getting
  • Enable product agility by switching features on and off on demand
  • Manage all operational processes related to licensing, subscriptions, renewals, upgrades and more

Watch the video to see how Flexera enables you to manage SaaS monetization based on a secure web services framework while providing you with all the insight you need in a central monetization platform.