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Image: Effective Monetization Keeping Your Customers Front & Center

The subscription economy is here and business models are more customer-centric than ever. Suppliers invest a lot to build solutions that are tailored to customers’ needs and deliver high value.

The software and IoT world is bursting with new features, functions and services for customers. Yet, many suppliers are still in the dark about if and how their customers are using their software. Often, they rely on guesswork or anecdotal information from customers, support or services. With the adoption of more flexible monetization models, the same old way  is not acceptable anymore. Software suppliers need to know who their customers are and if they are getting value – across different products and product lines.

Today, Software Monetization is more than licensing and IP protection. Flexera’s Software Monetization platform provides customer-insight and analytics based on consumption, so you can grow your customers strategically and support those that are not (yet) getting enough value. Armed with account health, consumption and renewal information, you can drive upsell and cross-sell campaigns where they are most likely to succeed. Want to know more about it?  Learn more in this short video!