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License and software entitlement management tools are not new, but when and how to leverage them are changing. Manufacturers are using license and entitlement management to transform digital business models and drive recurring revenue from IoT offerings and connected devices. For instance, device manufacturers can now ship one standardized hardware product that includes additional capacity or features controlled by software licensing.

“By 2020, Internet of Things (IoT) adoption will drive a 25% reallocation of end-user spend for capital assets from procure-and-maintain models to service models.”*

In this Best Practice report, Gartner examines innovative ways to leverage license and entitlement management. The report speaks to those who want to select the right mix of features for IOT devices and make them easy to deploy. It discusses how to:

  • run a digital business in an agile environment
  • provide feature flexibility without creating license complexity
  • leap frog competition by adding licensing and entitlement management software to IoT solutions

Revenera FlexNet Operations enables you to monetize software effectively and manage compliance and customer growth. It manages the dynamic nature of software entitlements to support all monetization models—from more traditional perpetual models to flexible subscription and pay-per-use models.

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*Gartner Report – JP Corriveau, Laurie F. Wurster, 26 June 2017