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Image: Software Supply Chain Tip 6 – Build Intelligence and Drive Innovation

In Tip 5 we discussed how you know where your products are and how you keep them up to date. Now let’s talk about building product insight and intelligence.

Too many software producers are left in the dark about actual usage of their products. They rely on guesswork and spot-checks when making decisions about pricing and future development. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how many people use a certain feature before you decide about pricing?  Or to allocate valuable development resources based on what’s really being used by your customers?

Drive Innovation with Usage Insights

Find out who’s using what with in-product analytics technology. Armed with real-life usage data you’ll uncover the killer features in your product. You also get valuable insight on platforms and operating systems your customers are using. This data can be used in multiple ways, such as –

  • Make decisions about End-of-Life for old versions or OS/platform support
  • Decide in which areas you want to invest and innovate
  • Create new pricing and packaging options that match market needs
  • Drive upsell or get-current campaigns for customers that are still using old versions of your product

Analyze Consumption

Everyone’s talking about pay-per-use or even about value-based pricing – but only few are taking their products to market this way. Guess why? Most software producers struggle to find the right meter and the right price point for their products. It is hard to decide about future pricing without in-depth usage information. Having detailed usage data in your bag will enable you to start discussions that are based on facts. Even if you are not using consumption data as a basis for pricing, you benefit from a multitude of insights that can be used to track compliance or to find out about usage patterns.