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Following customer feedback, we are pleased to announce that Revenera is now offering out-of-the-box intelligence on .NET versions and graphics card models.

These new properties are available for reporting in the Dashboard and through the Web API to help you gain insight on the .NET framework versions and graphics cards vendors and models in use by your user base. These properties are available both for segmentation in the custom report and timeline builder as well as for filtering any other reports. Read on for more information on how to make use of these new properties to segment and filter your reports.

.NET Framework and Graphics Card Data Collection

To have .NET framework and graphics card statistics available for your product, your clients must be running a Revenera SDK version that supports collection of this data. This information is collected by the SDK automatically and requires no further changes in your product.

On Windows platforms, .NET framework versions are collected from SDK version 3.3.1 onwards while graphics card model information is collected from version 3.3.3 onwards.

On Mac and Linux platforms, graphics card model information is collected from SDK version 4.0.1 onwards.

View .NET Framework and Graphics Card Distribution Statistics

To view distribution statistics on .NET framework versions or graphics card vendors and models you need to create a custom report by going to the Revenera Dashboard and from the product menu select Custom Report Builder or Custom Timeline Builder.

Custom Reporting Menu - Revulytics

Once on the Custom Builder page, click on the Segmentation option at the top and then click on the Add segment… drop down. You will find the new properties under Platform Properties.

Segmentation Reporting for GPU and .NET

For example, to generate a report on the graphics card vendors and models in use by your customers, in the Custom Report Builder add a segment for the GPU: Model property. This will result in a report similar to the following:

Graphics Card Reporting - Usage Analytics

Similarly, you can create a report of .NET framework versions in use over time by going to the Custom Timeline Builder and adding a segment for .NET Version. In the following example the chart is displaying a monthly view of the number of installations having .NET framework 4.5 and/or 4.5 Client Profile.

DotNet Usage Analytics Timeline

In the future, report widgets for .NET versions and graphics card models will be made available in the OS & Platform and Hardware Architecture reports respectively.

Filter Dashboard Reports by .NET Framework Versions and Graphics Card Models

All reports available in the Revenera Dashboard can be filtered by the new .NET framework and graphics card properties. To filter a report, open the respective report page and click on the Filter option at the top, then click on the Add Filter… drop down and under Platform Properties select the .NET Version or GPU property. Start typing or click on the filter textbox to see the available options.

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The following chart is an example of the Version Distribution report, showing the number of installation which are using Windows 7 and have .NET versions 4.6 and/or 4.6 Client Profile installed:

Software Version Distribution - Revulytics

Filtering and Segmentation through the Revenera Web API

Three new string based properties are available in the Web API for filtering and segmentation:

  • dotNetVersion – .NET framework version
  • gpu.vendor – graphics card vendor
  • gpu.model – graphics card vendor / model

Refer to the Web API online documentation for more information and examples of Filters and Segmentation Levels.

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