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Interested in hearing from the leaders of software license compliance on the front lines of software piracy? Of course you are! These topics are usually covered in one-to-one conversations away from microphones, so we are excited to bring you a new podcast series that features candid discussions from software vendors, law firms, and other thought leaders. 

We are dropping all six episodes of our first season Netflix-style, so you can start with the ones you like or binge the whole thing and impress your team on Monday morning. Our first season features interviews with:

  • CNC Software Chief Legal Officer Gary Hargreaves
  • Anand & Anand partner Shantanu Sahay (India)
  • Former Dassault Systemes Anti-Piracy and License Compliance Head Andy Clarkson
  • MSA Attorney Milos Bogdanovic (Serbia)
  • Gerber Technology VP and GM Sam Simpson

Check out the short preview episode below and then subscribe to the Piracy Impact Podcast in your favorite podcast player. 

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