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TransformationChange is the only constant.

I’ve spent over 20 years working with and for software producers in the software licensing and entitlement management space and have seen many changes over those years. What occurs to me about more recent changes is that they’re not just small changes – they’re transformational.

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When a change is transformational it means that there are new opportunities to drive revenue, boost efficiencies and delight customers in new and exciting ways. Capitalizing on these transformational changes means that you need to have agile, scalable and flexible processes – you can’t realize the full potential of these opportunities with minor tweaks here and there – but the payoff can be huge.

Here are 11 transformational changes I’ve seen recently and what you can do to capitalize on them:

  1. Perpetual to Subscription
    Read this for help shifting from perpetual- to subscription-based software licensing models.
  1. On-premises to Cloud
    Read this for help shifting from on-premises to cloud-based products.
  1. Software Audits to Compliance Automation
    Read this for help shifting to away from software audits and towards compliance automation.
  1. Connected to Disconnected
    Read this for help offering disconnected environments to your customers.
  1. FTP to Electronic Software Delivery
    Read this for help shifting from FTP (file transfer protocol) sites to deliver software updates to electronic software delivery.
  1. Strict Enforcement to Trust but Verify
    Read this for help ensuring a positive customer experience by shifting from strict enforcement to trust but verify software licensing models.
  1. Physical to Virtual
    Read this for help capitalizing on the trend of infrastructure shifting from physical to virtual machines.
  1. Physical Devices in IoT
    Read this for help capitalizing on the value of the IoT (Internet of Things).
  1. Local License Servers to Cloud License Servers
    Read this for help capitalizing on the shift from local- to cloud-based licensing servers.
  1. Certificate License to Product Activation
    Read this for help shifting from certificate-based to product activation.
  1. Proprietary to Industry Standard
    Read this for help capitalizing on the transformation from propriety, homegrown solutions to industry-standard solutions.

What other transformational shifts are you seeing?