SBOM Maturity Assessment

By landing here you’ve made a great decision. Our SBOM Maturity Framework is based on almost fifteen years of industry expertise focused on helping our customers create a complete inventory of software components—today’s Software Bill of Materials. Answers to this quick 14-question survey will help us assess your current state of SBOM management and offer specific action items to help you move further up the maturity spectrum. Once you’ve answered the questions, click submit and start your journey to realizing the benefits of a complete SBOM management strategy.

What is your role in your company?
What type of company do you work for?
How does your organization catalog third-party content in your applications?
Which teams consume/use the output of your scan results?
(check all that apply)
Select which option best describes what organization in your company owns the management of open source and third-party components?
Does your SBOM represent code developed by your partners and third-party suppliers?
How often do you request a new/updated SBOM?
How are you producing SBOMs today?
Does your SBOM include fields beyond the minimum required by NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration)?
Which standardized SBOM format are you using?
(check all that apply)
If your customer asked you for an SBOM, how quickly could you provide one?
What do you do with SBOMs you construct or obtain from third parties?
Is your organization able to produce security reports such as VDR and VEX for vulnerability assessment?
How effectively did your company handle the identification, impact assessment, and remediation of the Log4j security vulnerabilities in late 2021?
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