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Get Ahead of Your Competition: Install, Protect and Monetize Your Software


If you develop software products, you need software installation for on-premises products, delivery, protection and compliance management to get your products to customers and monetize your innovations. And you need to fast processes to authorize new users, change their use rights and manage their usage.

With varying geographies, customer requirements, products and business models, what starts out simple quickly gets very complex. Mergers and acquisitions quickly confound the challenges.


For more than 30 years, Revenera has been the market leader working with software suppliers, offering the industry standards for software installation and software monetization.

  • Ensure a professional installation—deliver a consistent and reliable installation experience across any operating system/environment for all of your products with capabilities that integrate with your agile or traditional development processes.
  • Quickly integrate acquired products—seamlessly "fold in" acquired products into your standard software management, monetization and delivery processes.
  • Monetize more effectively – Run all your products professionally with the help of the industry standard for software monetization.
  • Enable self-service everything—provide all customers consistent means to access products, manage entitlements and compliance and more from an always available self-service portal.
  • Provide in-product updates and messages—provide software and firmware updates for on- premises and embedded software and send in-product messages out to your users.
  • Seamlessly manage SaaS applications.

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Software Monetization Platform

Software products are transitioning to services and SaaS is everywhere. Revenera enables you to provision users and their use rights directly in-app while keeping your monetization back office up-to-date user and consumption data.


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Ready to optimize your installation, monetization and open source scanning processes?