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Continuous Open Source License Compliance

Manage your open source license obligations.

Protect your intellectual property from legal risk, and empower your engineering teams with faster, more compliant software development.





Open source software use is free of cost, but not free of obligations. Every component comes with a license and explicit terms and conditions for use—and there are 1,000’s of licenses to keep track of.

Managing the complexities of the entire software supply chain makes license compliance burdensome, complex, and time consuming for engineering leaders and software developers. 


55 %

of codebase files
are attributed to open source

1.9 k

average number of
license compliance
issues per project

95 %

average number of
compliance issues
companies are
unaware of


Give your engineering leadership and development teams the power of an automated, end-to-end solution with Revenera’s Code Insight. Early in the software development lifecycle, Code Insight scans your products for open source, identifies license compliance issues, and sets you up for fast, complete remediation. 


  • Continuous, automated monitoring beginning early in the SDLC
  • Actionable vulnerability alerts
  • Create custom detection rules
  • Complete governance enabling the shipment of secure, compliant products
  • Delivery of an accurate Software Bill of Materials (SBoM)
  • The largest open source software compliance database in the market
  • Lower costs and increased productivity for software development teams
  • High-level or deep code analysis, depending on your specific need
  • Prioritization of issues for fast, quick remediation of the most egregious vulnerabilities first

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