Earning New and Increased Profits from Customers Globally

    Specialized manufacturing software developer monetizes license infringement worldwide

Specialized manufacturing software provider with customers worldwide identifying piracy and license overuse, and monetizing it.

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  • Identify piracy and license overuse, and monetize it—worldwide

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  • Implement Compliance Intelligence and work with Revenue Services to capture reliable compliance data, pursue infringers, and make profitable settlements

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  • Drove more than $2 million in gross revenue 
  • Expanded compliance initiatives globally to include in China 
  • Deterring piracy over time by enforcing its rights and pursuing infringers

Acquiring better compliance data and choosing the right approach

The company helps its customers improve quality and reliability, while reducing costs, time-to-market, and downtime. Its specialized manufacturing software helps them gain stronger control over operations and improve integration to become more efficient, innovative, and competitive.

Given its deep knowledge of its markets, the company’s managers could make solid assessments of which firms should be customers, and how many units paying customers would likely need to serve their markets. These assessments, supported by sales team visits, convinced it that some potential customers were stealing its software outright. Many others were purchasing one or two units while stealing several more.

The company recognized that it needed better data to pursue piracy and overuse. But it also needed a better solution for pursuing settlements: one that offered comprehensive expertise for enforcing compliance in global markets, and didn’t require engagement by internal sales teams who weren’t revenue recovery specialists.

Compliance data identifies high value opportunities to generate revenue

The customer chose Revenera as a single source for both compliance intelligence and revenue recovery services. In 2014, it began embedding Compliance Intelligence into key products, and quickly started capturing reliable and actionable information about both outright piracy and overuse around the world.

With Compliance Intelligence data now identifying high value targets, the company engaged Revenue Services to discreetly seek recovery. By partnering with Revenera, the company could pursue revenue wherever meaningful opportunities arose, confident that it had access to relevant local expertise in sales, software audit, legal, and services.

Sharing automated case management dashboards and workflows, company executives and compliance specialists coordinated with Revenera in near-real-time to select opportunities, respond to client objections, agree on quotes and proposals, handle paperwork, and negotiate optimal settlements.

Early success and expansion in Asia

The software company first authorized Revenue Services to pursue infringements in its home region. It next turned to Asia, working with Revenue Services to make significant deals in Taiwan, South Korea, and elsewhere.

The company had long recognized that it was experiencing substantial piracy in China. But pursuing infringers there would require local legal involvement. Revenera’s expertise made this practical for the first time, and the company decided to find out whether it would be worth the cost.

A first round proved profitable, and a second set generated even more profit. Moreover, the company recognized that by enforcing its rights, it would begin to deter piracy over time, encouraging more prospects to become paying customers voluntarily.

Excluding revenue generated in China, the software company has already grossed $2 million from its compliance program. The Revenue Services team has handled recovery in nearly every case the company has pursued—reflecting a significant percentage of its current accounts.

Next Steps

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