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License and Compliance Policy Design Service

Effective Software License Policy Design Requires a Strong Software Monetization Strategy

Software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers often understand they have problems with their entitlement and software license compliance policy, but frequently do not know where to begin to address the problem, nor the value associated with improving their situation. This "confusion" can result in lower-than-expected ROI.

Today, one of the most common problems holding organizations back is the lack of a software license compliance policy. The license and compliance policy document is a living document that defines standardized policies and business practices for licensing and monetizing software within the customer's organization. A well-defined license and compliance policy is vital to a successful licensing entitlement and compliance management deployment. It enables organizations to:

  • Build a solid foundation for definition of licensing, entitlement and compliance management business and market needs
  • Provide a clear vision and objectives of the business problem addressed by licensing entitlement and compliance management
  • Define and communicate commercial intent clearly
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce risk in deployment
  • Provide guidance on processes, governance and organizational structure
  • Accelerate time to market for new products reliant on licensing, entitlement and compliance management
  • Improve customer experience by simplifying communication of products and product structure


At the conclusion of the License and Compliance Policy Design service engagement, you will:

  • Have a living document for defining business requirements
  • Reduce or eliminate risk of late or incorrect requirements
  • Document decisions on entitlement and compliance approach based on best practices
  • Provide a single source of communication and knowledge transfer
  • Accelerate deployment success through well-defined and accepted requirements definition
  • Ensures that the business requirements, structure and processes are defined to a level that is able to support the Operational Model


This software license policy design service is deployed by two Revenera Global Services consultants–a strategy consultant and a solution architect—in three phases:



  • Define the session agenda in conjunction with executive sponsor
    • Define each session and topic for the workshop
    • Identify key stakeholders for each session
  • Provide and evaluate pre-workshop questionnaires
  • Update workshop session material to conduct sessions



  • Workshops are designed by specific topics, and require a specific set of stakeholders
  • Multiple days of workshops are conducted in a systematic manner to provide best practices and gather requirements
  • Detailed session notes are gathered and distributed


Development of Policy Document:

  • Create the initial version of the licensing policy document, based upon requirements gathered during the workshops
  • Update and refine the licensing policy document based upon customer feedback