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Image: Webinar: 2019 Trends – Software and IoT Monetization

With a new year come new expectations for your business. Technology companies strive to innovate, grow customer satisfaction, implement new revenue models and get ahead of their competition.

Technology company CTOs and CMOs need to work together on digital transformation initiatives, to modernize how their firms build, manage, secure and monetize their software and IoT products. Join our guest speaker, Forrester’s VP and Principal Analyst, Duncan Jones and Flexera’s Director of Product Marketing, Nicole Segerer, as they discuss the trends that will drive the software industry in 2019 and how you can use them to your advantage:

  • Open Source – Everyone wants to build better products faster, but how do you empower your business without injecting risk?
  • From Data to Insights – Digging for more data alone won’t make you smarter, insights will. But what insights are needed to run a better digital business and how do you get them?
  • Customer Satisfaction – How do you turn this buzzword into real business opportunity and drive more revenue from your existing customers?
  • Pricing Models and Metrics – Is the industry moving to value-based models or will it continue to be a future dream?
  • Dumb devices to value drivers – How do you transform boxes into digital innovation platforms?

Duncan and Nicole will discuss these questions and many more and leave you with five clear trends they are seeing for 2019 and instructions on how you can leverage them for your business success.

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Feb 21, Thursday – 11 AM CT (US)  |  Feb 26, Tuesday – 10 AM (UK)