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Revulytics recently announced the availability of the new Java SDK 5.1.0. This release enables software providers of Java 8+ applications which run on Windows, Mac, and Linux to integrate our Usage Intelligence solution with a native Java SDK and benefit from valuable software usage insights and in-application messaging.

The Java SDK and documentation are available at

In this article, we will take a look at the new Java reporting capabilities made available with this release.

New Java Reports in the Dashboard

The Usage Intelligence Dashboard now includes new Java specific reports which can be accessed from the product menu by selecting Java Environment. The data in these reports is available exclusively for clients using the Java SDK.


Data for Java reports is collected out-of-the-box and will be available in the Dashboard as soon as you integrate your software with the Usage Intelligence SDK. These reports include:

Java Version and Vendor

Java Runtime Version and AWT Graphics Environment

Java VM Details

Filter Dashboard Reports by Java Properties

All reports available in the Usage Intelligence Dashboard can be filtered by new Java related properties. To apply a filter to a report, go to the respective report page and click on the Filter option in the toolbar. Click on the Add Filter Property dropdown and you will find the Java properties under Platform Properties.

Java properties are ‘current’ properties and therefore the last known value is saved for each client. For more information on ‘current’ properties check the following KBase article.

Java Properties in ReachOut

The same filtering properties available in reporting are also available for use in ReachOut campaigns. The Java properties can be found in the Recipient Profile Filter section under Platform Properties.

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Additionally, new ReachOut variables have been added so you can include the Java version, vendor, runtime version, AWT graphics environment, VM version and VM name in the message text or URL of your campaign. The list of Java variables can be found in the Message Content section under Platform Properties.

More information on ReachOut variables can be found in this KBase article.

Filtering and Segmentation through the Revulytics Web API

The new Java properties are also available in the Web API for filtering and segmentation as string based properties:

  • javaVersion – Java Version
  • javaVendor – Java Vendor
  • javaRuntime – Java Runtime Version
  • javaGraphics – Java AWT Graphics Environment
  • javaVmVersion – Java VM Version
  • javaVmName – Java VM Name

Refer to the Web API online documentation for more information and examples of Filtering and Segmentation Levels.