About Revenera

Become a Digital Leader

Software and technology companies want to make the most out of their products.
Their goal is to accelerate time to market and innovate as quickly as possible, build products that customers like, understand how they are being used and monetize what matters. Revenera provides the
enabling technology and the experts to do just that.

We help software and technology companies to use open source solutions more effectively, by finding and mitigating security and license compliance issues early in the development process and in their continuous delivery process. We help them understand how their products are being used so they can make better decisions. And we are the enabler for modern business models, and the effective enforcement of these models.

Revenera has more than three decades of history in software licensing and compliance, growing organically and through acquisitions and providing market-leading solutions that help software companies significantly grow their revenues and save operational cost.

> 50,000 Customers worldwide
> 30 Years of visionary industry leadership
> 10M Entitlements & 100M Software Updates managed per year


Revenera timeline