Flexera One - Cloud Migration and Modernization

  1. Offerings; License Model. Flexera One – Cloud Migration and Modernization is available in the following offerings as set out below and subject to the corresponding license model.


    License Model

    Cloud Migration and Modernization

    Licensed based on the total number of Clients and Servers

  2. Definitions.
    2.1. Device means any Client or Server, including both physical and virtual machines, for which any function is performed using a Flexera One offering, including but not limited to scanning, delivering, installing, updating, migrating, or repairing any computer program or data file; or scanning, monitoring, tracking, or reporting on the status or history of any software or hardware components or software licenses on or used by the Device, and:
    • A Server is any Device running a server-based operating system.
    • A Client is any Device other than a Server.
    A list of common examples of Devices can be found at flexera.com/legal/device-examples. The number of Devices required to be licensed by Customer is the highest number of Devices being managed by the Product at any single point in time. Example: if Licensee is licensed for 10,000 Servers and it removes 100 Servers from being managed by the Product, but later adds 100 Servers, it would not be required to license additional capacity; however, if Customer is licensed for 10,000 Servers and it adds 100 Servers to be managed by the Product, but later removes 100 Servers, it would be required to be licensed for 10,100 Servers.
  3. Burst License. Customer may be offered a Burst License by Flexera. A Burst License is a temporary license for a Device for a period of thirty (30) days. At the end of such thirty (30) day period, the Burst License will cease to report on the Device(s) unless Customer purchases a subsequent Burst License, provided that Customer shall have the ability to view reports for 12 months from the date of purchase of the Burst License. Burst Licenses shall not automatically renew.
  4. Internal Use. The license granted hereunder is for Customer’s (including Affiliates) internal use. Management of any third parties’ estate shall require a Service Provider license.
  5. SaaS. For the purpose of the Agreement, Cloud Migration and Modernization is SaaS.