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Deployment models have changed, business models have changed and customer relationships have changed. In the subscription world, software monetization is not only about software licensing and compliance anymore. It is about helping customers succeed, truly understanding what is of value to them – and ultimately about delivering on this value with a targeted offering. That’s how you increase the number of subscribers, keep them loyal and grow your business.

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Our latest research reports explore trends around software monetization, usage analytics, piracy, and compliance.

Revenera’s software monetization platform stands alone in delivering on this strategic vision. Today, we unveiled a new module empowering software suppliers to strategically grow their software business. FlexNet Customer Growth helps software suppliers truly assess if their customers are getting value from their products and forecast software license renewals more accurately – all in a personalized, graphical dashboard.

Modern software and IoT companies can manage their SaaS, on-premises and embedded applications in one central monetization back-office. SaaS suppliers make it easy for their customers to manage users, use rights and access to premium features directly in a SaaS app – providing an instant in-app-experience.

Per Gartner’s Disruption in Software Business Models Creates New Opportunities for Monetization report, “Technology strategic planners will find next-generation software monetization is not about protection, limited to IP licensing, but about growth from enabling new models with repeatable revenue streams.”

“Today’s software suppliers constantly have to stay close to customers, and really understand how much value they’re getting from their software. Otherwise they won’t know about upsell opportunities or they’ll react too late when subscription renewals are at risk,” said Matthew Dunkley, Strategy and Product Management Director at Flexera. “Having immediate access to customer health, consumption and renewal data empowers suppliers to grow their software or IoT business more strategically.”