Software Update Postmortem: Bruises and Lessons Learned

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“My software update was terrible.” Hopefully, no one has said this about your software update, but the reality is that many companies have been there. Since just about every software company in the world provides updates, good preparation is essential. Users expect a smooth, trouble-free experience beginning with the installation through usage of the software.

Since the installation is where everything begins, do you have a strategy for creating an update-friendly Windows MSI installer? This white paper, Designing an Update Friendly MSI Installation, can help. It discusses how to design your original Windows Installer setup project to prepare it for future upgrades and how to design upgrade packages that will cleanly install future versions. It will also provide an introduction to the different types of updates supported by Windows Installer. Finally, there are a few tips about how Flexera’s installation solutions can assist with the installation and update authoring process.

Join us in the battle to ensure a successful installation experience for all your users. Download the white paper today.

What is your biggest lesson learned in creating an installation for an update?

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